Introducing Bloomz, the new mobile and web app that helps schools create an engaged parent community, while saving teachers a great deal of time in their communication and coordination with parents. Bloomz is now testing its school-wide feature (currently in Beta) with all the tools that earned it the People’s Choice Award for favorite product in the Education category, all in the same app.

How Bloomz Works


Share class updates about the day’s learnings or send reminders for assignment due dates, registration deadlines, etc.


Plan class activities and organize field trips, or track parent-teacher meetings all in one place.


No more searching for phone numbers and email addresses. Instantly reach one or more parents, teachers, school staff and PTA leaders, through in-app messaging.

Bloomz is free for teachers and parents

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Bloomz Devices

Xamarin apps share code across all platforms. By utilizing Xamarin we can build for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with a single, shared C# codebase, using the same language, APIs and data structures on every platform. With Xamarin, we write your apps entirely in C#, sharing the same code on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. The end result is a more efficient development process across multiple platforms.

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